Glendale - Croaked lawyers & big ***

Signal Hill, California 0 comments

They convinced me that I could get off on DUI charges but after I

Paid my last penny they did nothing for me but postpone my case.They are croaks!

The lawyers did nothing...on the first day of court they postponed case.

The second hearing, they informed me that they intend to plead not guility. They claimed to hire expert witness including the cops. They did no such thing. Next, they claimed to be friends with DA and that will plead on my behalf.

Guess what... another lie. Earl Carter's lawyer said don't worry we will get your charges reduced. Again another lie.

I waited patiently until that day informed me I needed to physically appear. I got there and my lawyer gave me the big news. No deal, we have to take it to court. I said how much will that cost and they said 5-10 thousands.

The truth is if I had just appear & pleaded no contest I would have saved alot of time and money.My advice to all of you considering using this firm is Stay Away.!

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